Performance Plus
Performance Plus

We provide cloud services equipped with the newest trends and best performing management
practices such as OKR (Objectives & Key Results), collaboration, recognition, and feedback
for companies that need practical performance improvement tools suitable for
continuous performance management and agile organization operation.

Competitive Advantage

  • Include the latest trends in performance management and best practices.

    OKR (Objectives & Key Results), Continuous Feedback, 1:1 Meeting, Crowd-sourcing Feedback, 360 Feedback

  • Services optimized for collaboration-based agile organization management.

    Core collaboration tools from agile organizations, such as Task Board and Scrum, can be used for work.

  • Continuous and flexible goal management

    Closely connected work-performance management, real-time performance management, and feedback are possible in the process of work.

  • Crowdsourcing-based recognition and feedback.

    Collects ‘like’ and additional opinions from colleagues as well as manager feedback to induce natural multi-/multiple feedback.

  • Create meaningful information using Data Analytics & Visualization.

    All accumulated performance-task-feedback records are organized to be recognizable at a glance through data analysis and visualization. Also, you can use this for 1 on 1 meeting, review, and evaluation.

Modules & Features

Update and share your goals in real time.
  • Check your goal achievement rate in real time.
  • Share and set the status as well as the achievement rate of the goal.
  • Check your colleagues' progress on goals and collaborate immediately if necessary.
Align and affiliate objectives.
  • Align from top-level organizational goals to individual goals.
  • Check the overall goal status at a glance through the goal map.
Systematically collaborate
using task boards.
  • Classify the task list by work group or level,
    and organize tasks systematically.
  • Easily share main contents, checklists, and
    attachments with colleagues.
  • Communicate in real time using comments.
  • Use the task timeline to check the progress
    of work at a glance.
Share work progress using scrum
  • Scrum is the featural collaboration method of agile organization.
  • Regularly share and collaborate with colleagues on the progress of work, future directions, and issues that need to be resolved.
  • Communicate and leave feedback in real time by writing comments.
  • Scrum can replace weekly reports.
Supports real-time interactive feedback.
  • Leave feedback in real-time during working
  • Intuitively leave feedback using badges that embody core values or capabilities.
  • Makes the feedback even richer using empathy button and comments.
  • Collect feedback from manager-members, as well as collaborative peer feedback in crowdsourcing manner.
Review based on data and feedback.
  • Systematically accumulate feedback left in real-time during the work.
  • The accumulated feedback is visualized at a glance using Data Analytics & Visualization.
  • Check the results of the goal, but also the progress of achievement at a glance.
  • Check the talent types of members at a glance through the feedback graph.
Full Features List
  • Objectives

    Agile Performance Management

    On-demand Goal Adjustment


    Approval Process

  • Recognition and Feedback


    Send Feedback

    Request Feedback

  • Collaboration

    Task Board

    Real-time Notification


    Share Attachments

  • Review

    1:1 Discussion Based Review

    Talent Snapshot

    Objective Check-in History

    Feedback Graph

  • Scrum

    Daily Task Sharing

    Weekly Task Sharing

  • 360 Feedback

    Continuous 360 Feedback

    Feedback Template

  • 1 on 1 Meeting

    1 on 1 Meeting Schedule

    Open Comment

    Hidden Note

  • Activity Timeline

    Task to Goal Update Timeline

    Real-time Push Alert of Main Activities

  • Search

    Goal Search

    Search for Work Materials

    Employees Search

Client’s Feedback

  • The number of emails has decreased significantly. It's easy to manage and look up tasks.

  • In the past I was only reviewing my direct reports from my own perspective, but I’m finding different strengths of my direct reports with real-time peer feedback.

  • Previous 1:1 meetings were tough due to lack of topics. But now I just have to take a quick glance at the person’s goals, feedback, and recognition to make the conversations more meaningful.

  • I just need to look up recognition and feedback to see how my colleague is doing. I can easily see other colleagues’ opinions on their strengths. Since there are additional feedback and affirmations from other colleagues, they’re very credible and comprehensive.

  • It was hard to find all kinds of data and review records all over again when I tried to evaluate them at the end of the year. Now, I can write the assessment easily enough by simply leaving a feedback record whenever and just reading it over before writing the assessment.

  • In the past all the assessments were done at the end of the year, so it felt like a lot of the evaluations were based on the manager’s gut feelings and personal relationships. The data used for evaluations are recorded in real-time now so they feel fair and unbiased.

  • An atmosphere of mutual recognition and praise has spread, making organizational culture much softer, and employees' engagement has increased.