Payroll Outsourcing

We provide premium payroll outsourcing services with stable operation and proactive
and preemptive customer response through payroll expertise bolstered by using systematic
HR consulting knowledge and well-recognized e-HR solutions.

Competitive Advantage

Beyond Outsourcing

HCG, a group of experts with systematic consulting know-how, is different. A variety of employee support systems, expertise, proactive responses, and preemptive response mindsets through recognized solutions, we call this a Premium Consourcing.

The HCG Payroll Outsourcing service offers differentiated services that can provide Long-term Value Creation and Competitive Advantage over mid to long-term, as well as cost factors.

  • HR Specialty

    HCG Payroll Outsourcing is not limited to payroll processing, but also provides clients with value for better HR operations. For more than 22 years, HR consulting and system maintenance experience and know-how have been performed directly by a group of experts armed with experience and know-how.

  • Proven System Performance and Use

    We use HCG's personnel management system, which has the highest HR market share in Korea, not just for internal operation-oriented salary calculations.
    It provides customized systems with proven business functions and user-specific convenience, and can also be used as a client's own system.

  • Client Service

    Not just as a staff-oriented support organization, we provide HCG 365 helpdesk operations services, standing by 24/7, and technical support from a proven system operations organization through a wide range of clients.

  • Reliability and Security

    Ensure complete security of sensitive personal information. More than 550,000 clients chose this system to protect their information by encrypting their personal information, managing their connection records, destroying their personal information, and keeping them separately. It also provides services in the nation's most secure environment.

  • Reduce costs and provide additional benefits

    It not only reduces fixed labor or operational costs, but also eliminates redundant tasks by allowing data sent and received offline to be entered and performed through the system. In addition, HCG's Total e-HR Service Experience/know-how provides a variety of system conveniences, enabling efficiency across the HR Cost through long-term policy/institutional change advice.

Main Service

HCG Payroll Outsourcing provides basic services as well as special HCG services.

The HCG Payroll system, built based on the nation's best e-HR systems, hunel and JaDE, minimizes human error and provides high-quality service.

Clients who do not have their own HR system can also use HCG's Payroll system.

Basic Service
  • Payroll/Bonus

    Salary/Bonus Calculation

    Performance-based Bonuses

    Pay Slip

    Bank Transfer Statement

  • Severance Pay

    Severance Pay, Retirement Pension, Retirement Allowance Calculation

    Income and Retirement Income Taxes Settlement

    Estimated Severance Pay Calculation

  • Social Insurance

    National Pension/National Health/Employment/Industrial Accident Compensation Insurances Acquisition and Termination filing

    Total Remuneration filing

    Each Insurance Deposit Management

  • Withholding Tax

    Income Tax

    Local Income Tax

    Residents’ Tax

  • Year-end
    Income Tax Settlement

    Calculation and Filing

    Distribute relevant Guidance and Manuals

    Year-end Income Tax Documents Verification and Consulting by Phone

  • Certificate

    Various Certificates including Withholding Receipt, etc.

Special Service
  • Employee

    Annual Leave Usage and Promotion

    52-hour workweek Management

    Other Personal Information System

  • Statistics

    Various Payroll Status/Statistics

    Statistics Services such as manpower, employee info. status, etc. based on Provided Data

  • Agreements

    Annual Salary/Employment Contract

    Information Use Agreement

    Various Consents/Agreements/Contracts Services

  • Advice Services

    Compensation Policies and Salary Structure

    Labor/Tax Advice

  • Training

    Year-end Income Tax Settlement Training a Year

Client’s Feedback

  • I'm surprised there's
    not a single error so far.

    Distribution and
    logistics conglomerate W

  • By entrusting HCG with
    payroll outsourcing,we have identified
    problems with existing practices.
    In addition, PO set-up and problem diagnosis
    capabilities are outstanding.

    Large manufacturing
    company A

  • Unlike past companies that needed
    re-verification every time,
    HCG is relieved that it can be trusted.

    IT platform service
    conglomerate B company

  • HCG found out the wrong data,
    analyzed the cause,
    and delivered the revised opinion.
    So, I felt that I had to work with a
    payroll outsourcing specialist like HCG.

    Large corporation affiliated
    finance company M

  • Thanks to HCG,
    who advises notification of tax laws
    and policy changes,
    and further response,
    I received praise today again.

    Conglomerate affiliated
    oil refining company S

  • Work efficiency has become very high.
    HCG customizes the current data that
    our company requires in the form of a report.

    Foreign manufacturing/
    distribution company E

  • HCG’s payroll system is definitely stable.
    Employees also like the system
    to be easy to use and access.

    Financial Startup
    Company H

  • The response to inquiries
    and issues is extremely fast.
    Thank you for always being kind
    and quick to respond to urgent requests.

    IT Service Startup
    Company G