e-HR Solution Top Brand!
We provide customized e-HR solution implementation services
verified more than 520,000 users and optimizing complicated and diverse requirements
for large enterprises, public organizations, financial companies, conglomerate’s affiliates,
and globally expanding enterprises.

Competitive Advantage

  • Custom Fit
    hunel is an optimized solution for the domestic environment and can easily and flexibly respond to changes in various domestic laws and policies, including personal information protection, the 52-hour workweek, the Labor Standards Act, and changes in tax laws.
    Based on 20 years of HR consulting and solution implementation experience, we provide customized designs that reflect the industry and human characteristics of the company and make the most effective application of the organization’s philosophy and systems.

    “hunel provides the best value for companies whose issues are not solved by common HR systems, including global HR systems, due to complicated environments, diverse staffing, and their own unique HR system.”
  • Detailed Design based HR Expertise
    hunel has evolved to reflect its experience and know-how in HR consulting with over 400 companies. The solid structure and established regulations & processes of hunel enable effective application of complicated situations and challenging issues in the enterprise.

    In particular, the experience and competency of successful projects such as large enterprises, group integration, global e-HR, and pre-PI (Process Innovation), ISP (information Strategic Planning) work enable different levels of quality.
  • Easy & Efficient System
    Designed on a responsive web basis reflecting the latest UX trend, hunel is the most preferred e-HR system by Korean human resources managers.

    Ease of Access, which allows accessibility to multiple screens with minimal activity, process-specific screen configurations that are identical to actual work, and data-based auto-processing maximizes human resources efficiency. Particularly, a variety of customized search functions, accurate statistical information and simulation features provided by hunel provide easy support for point-of-view analysis and decision-making by management and human resources staff.
  • Continuous Evolution
    The nation's top-level HR Digital Lab, R&D organization is constantly researching the latest HR/IT trends to support the continued evolution of hunel.

    In addition, the company continues to accumulate and reflect its interface experience and know-how with SAP, Oracle, Workday, Douzone, and the company's unique in-house systems, enabling seamless interface with other systems that are constantly changing.

Modules & Features

It will be different with hunel, an unrivaled premium brand that has led e-HR solutions in South Korea!

  • Implemented as a responsive web and can be used on various devices such as PC, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Queries the organization's structure and employee’s information in various manners.
  • Analysis of HR information and statistical employee data at a glance
  • Easy monitoring of evaluation process and analysis of results
  • Accurately validate results of pay calculations for each type of pay grade
  • Conveniently apply for various working types and real-time management of working time record
  • Qualifying candidates for key talent and effectively managing selected talents.
  • Provides recruitment portals for applicants and effectively supports online screening (document screening - interviews)
System Maintenance

Supports maintenance services for reliable operation, continuous activation, and upgrades of the system, and offers options for selecting types based on the client's environment and circumstances.

  • Package
    • Cause analysis and service in case of HR system failure
    • Server transfer support
    • Service for failure caused by user environment change
      (O/S and browser)
  • Patch Service
    • Service to provide a patch program for changing earned income
    • Service to provide a patch program for changing retirement income
    • Service to provide a patch program for changing social insurance policies (health, national, employment, industrial accidents)
  • Operation Support
    • Provides HR system maintenance and user guide
    • Provides modification/development of the system functions due to HR work changes
    • For Operation Support Service, on/off site options are available, and annual or monthly service contracts are available.


For over 20 years, we have provided successful e-HR system implementation services to clients in various industries such as public, financial, manufacturing, and service sectors to more than 250 leading domestic companies.

  • Organization/Job

    It enables us to search the past, present, and future of organizations by daily time point and systematic management using various organization attribute information and related functions. In particular, it provides various types of organization information, such as inquiry information regarding the organization, head of the organization, and members of the organization at a specific time in connection with the appointment information.

    Organization Chart
    Organization History Management
    Search Organization Chart (Tree)
    Image Org. Setting
    Search Image Org. Chart
    Organizational Plan
    Manpower Capacity Plan by Org.
    Labor Cost Plan by Org.
    Task Management
    Individual/Org. Task Division
    Search Task Division with Image
    Org. Simulation (Drag & Drop)
    Apply Org. Simulation Result
    Job Description
    Organization History Management
    Define Job Description
    Search/Print Job Description
  • HR Management

    You can manage various types of employee information in an integrated manner, and based thereon, you can easily access various types of statistics and reports required for HR work. In addition, you can search and use optional HR information service according to user group.

    HR management
    HR Basic Mgmt.
    Comparison of Employee Info.
    Concurrent Position Mgmt.
    Overseas Resident Employee Mgmt.
    Evidence Mgmt.
    Contract/Dispatched Employee Mgmt.
    Appointment Management
    Appointment Registration Rule Setting
    Basic/Type/Individual Appointment Registration
    Appointment Registration Upload
    Probation Appointment
    Appointment Search and Change
    Certificate Management
    Certificate Apply/Approve
    Income Certificate Apply/Approve
    Certificate Issuance History
    Personnel Statistics
    Organization/Job Grade/Job Group/Educational Background Status
    HR Selectable Statistics
    Employee Change Status
    Global HR Statistics
    Employee List
    Educational Background/Reward/Disciplinary/New & Retired Employee/Executive List
    Employee Change Status
    Talent Search
    Employee Search (included Global HR)
    Profile Match Up
    HR Basics Search by Condition
    Search Evaluation Results
  • Time & Attendance Management

    The flexible work system can be effectively applied through convenient functions such as employee work plan, commuting registration, and time and attendance application (vacation/overtime work/holiday work/working time change).
    In addition to the annual accrual standards stipulated by the Labor Standards Act, various types of vacations that are autonomously operated by companies are created and used, and automated functions for compensation are supported.

    Time and Attendance(T&A) Rules
    T&A/Labor/Working Type/Labor Type Rules Mgmt.
    Work Shift Group Mgmt.
    Holiday Mgmt.
    Work Schedule Mgmt.
    T&A Application
    T&A/Working Apply/Approve
    Annual Leave Application/Approval
    T&A/Leave Apply/Approve, Commuting Time Change, Holiday Overtime, Pre-service Work Apply/Approve
    Business Trip Apply/Approve
    Work Shift Change, Working Type Change Apply/Approve
    Daily T&A Management
    Daily T&A Check and Close
    Commuting Time Mgmt.
    Comparing Commute Time
    T&A Change Record Mgmt.
    Daily T&A Data Batch Upload
    Monthly T&A Management
    Monthly T&A Total Rule Set
    Monthly T&A Total
    Monthly T&A Data Revision
    Monthly T&A Data Batch Upload
    Annual Leave Management
    Annual Leave Rule Set
    Annual Leave Create
    Annual Leave Promotion Form Mgmt.
    Annual Leave Create and Usage Status
    Annual Leave Calculation of Resigned Employee
    T&A Status
    T&A Status by Division, Unit
    Commuting Time Check
    Annual Leave Usage Status by Month/Unit, Overtime Status by Month/Unit
    Employee Service
    Work Plan Check
    Commuting Record
    Annual Leave Promotion
    Work History Search
    T&A Search
    Maternity Protection Mgmt.
    Maternity Protection Candidate Apply/Approve
    Maternity Protection Check Apply/Approve
    Maternity Protection Confirmation Mgmt.
    Business Trip Management
    Business Trip Rules set
    Business Trip Plan Apply/Approve
    Business Trip Expense Apply/Approve
    Business Trip Status
  • Payroll Management

    Complex salary types such as annual pay, monthly pay, pay step, hourly wage, fixed-term, and daily wages can be easily set in various ways, and the efficiency of salary work is maximized through the system automation function.
    The powerful retrospective function through management of payroll items by period, and verification reports for checking calculation results ensure the productivity and accuracy of payroll work.

    Payroll Rule
    Payroll Category Code Mgmt.
    Other Allowances Deduction Category Mgmt.
    Earned Income Simplified Tax Table
    Pay Step Table Mgmt.
    Payment Rate Mgmt. by Period
    Salary Peak
    Salary Peak Candidate Rule Set
    Salary Peak Candidate Mgmt.
    Personnel Payroll Basics
    Annual Pay Mgmt.
    Fixed Pay Mgmt.
    Exceptional Payment by One-off/Monthly/Daily
    Individual Cost Center
    Personnel Payroll Basics
    Payroll Application
    Bank Account Change Apply/Approve
    Tax Rate Apply/Approve
    Payroll Exception Management
    Item Payment Rate Mgmt.(year/month/day)
    Payment Rate Application Exception(pay day/pay type)
    Exception Payment Rate Mgmt.(by type)
    Payroll Calculation
    Pay Date Mgmt.
    Interface with Other Modules
    Deadline Mgmt. for Pay Calculation
    Payroll Calculation
    Payroll Mgmt.
    Pay Changers Search/Verification
    Pay Lock/Close
    Pay Result Print
    Payroll Report Form Set
    Payroll Report Search/Print
    Payroll Transfer(by Banks, by individual)
    Pay Slip(included Batch Print)
    Payroll Summary
    Payment Change Breakdown Search
    Payment Result Search by Individual/Category
    Payroll Statistics/Status
    Payroll Category Status
    Labor Cost Trends
    Labor Cost Statistic by Month/Job Grade/Category
    Labor Cost Change Status
    Annual Labor Cost Status
    Selectable Labor Cost Statistics
    Labor Cost Total by Individual
    Severance Pay Rule
    Severance Pay Category Code Mgmt.
    Retirement Income Tax Amount Calculation
    Severance Pay Calculation Rule(Executive Severance Pay, excluding calculation rule)
    Accumulate Rate of Severance Pay
    Retirement Insurance Accumulation Rate
    Retirement Insurance Results
    Severance Pay Calculation
    Severance Pay Date Mgmt.
    Severance Pay Calculation
    Select Candidate of Severance Pay
    Severance Pay Basic Information
    Severance Pay Calculation Result/Print
    Severance Pay Data Mgmt.(before 2012, after 2013)
    Severance Pay Total Result(by account code)
    Severance Pay Total Result(by account code)
    Interim Payment of Severance Pay
    Interim Payment of Severance Pay Applicant Registration
    Interim Payment Apply/Approve
    Search Expected Severance Pay
    Retirement Pension
    Retirement Pension Type Mgmt.(DB/DC)
    Exceptional Annual Salary
    Retirement Pension Candidate Mgmt.
    Retirement Pension Calculation
    Retirement Pension Payment Mgmt.
    Retirement Allowance
    Retirement Allowance Condition setting(IFRS)
    Retirement Allowance Calculation
    Retirement Allowance Results
    Seize of Credit
    Seize of Credit Candidate Mgmt.
    Seize of Credit Case Mgmt.
  • Year-end Tax Adjustment

    We provide patch services every year throughout the year for changes in year-end tax adjustment due to changes in tax laws.
    In addition to the paperless year-end tax adjustment function, you can check the settlement result through pre-calculation yourself. Stable and efficient through various functions such as year-end settlement calculation for the person in charge, result verification, payment report, revised report, and tax installment payment. Supports year-end settlement processing.

    Settlement Rules
    Tax Table by Pay Band
    Basic Tax Rate Table
    Income Calculation Item Code
    Local Insured Payment Mgmt.
    Income Deduction Amount Adjustment
    Donation Rule Setup
    Recipient of Foreign Employee/Reduction and Exemption
    Addition/Deduction Amount Mgmt.
    Foreign Tax Payment Mgmt.
    Settlement Exception Mgmt.
    Year-end Tax Settlement
    (HR Manager)
    Recipient of Income Settlement
    Income Calculation and Adjustment
    Recipient of unfair exemption Mgmt.
    Income Settlement Calculation
    Income Settlement Result
    Year-end Tax Settlement Close
    Settlement Results Summary
    Settlement Item Results Search
    Family breakdown of Settlement Copy
    Recipient of Standard Tax Credit
    Installment Payment Mgmt.
    Settlement Item Results Comparison
    Retired employee Income Settlement
    Year-end Tax Settlement (Employee)
    Basic Income Settlement Data Input (Basic information, Survey, Dependents Family, Former Workplace, Income Verification, Simplified data upload by the NTS, Paperless Year-end Tax Settlement, Pre-calculation, Statements/Applications Print, Application for Installment Payment, Withholding Tax Receipt Print, Result confirmation, Input Deadline)

    Settlement Results
    Income Settlement Details
    Income Settlement Results Print (withholding tax receipts, withholding receipts, income deduction applications, etc.)
    Create files for reporting to National Tax Service
    Semiannual Simplified Statement of Payment
    Recipient Mgmt.
    Income Calculation and Adjustment
    Fraudulent Deduction Mgmt.
    Settlement Details Print
    Create files for reporting to National Tax Service
  • Welfare & Benefit

    It enables effective management of social insurance (National Health Service, National Pension, employment insurance, industrial accidents) and supports the operation of the company's unique welfare and benefits system with high productivity.

    Social Insurance
    Social Insurance Rule Setup
    Individual Social Insurance Qualification Mgmt.
    Social Insurance EDI Acquisition Report
    Social Insurance EDI Loss Report
    Social Insurance Public Corporate Amount Mgmt.
    Reflect Social Insurance Amount to Payroll
    Social Insurance Retirement Settlement
    Social Insurance Installment Payment (Settlement Insurance Mgmt. National Health Insurance Installment Payment Apply/Approve, and Schedule Mgmt.)

    Loan Payment Rule Setup
    Loan Apply/Approve
    Loan Data History Mgmt.
    Reflect Loan to Payroll
    Loan of Payroll Repayment History
    Constructive Bonus Calculation
    Expenses for Congratulations and Condolences
    C&C Expenses Payment Rule Setup
    C&C Expenses Apply/Approve
    C&C Expenses Payment Data History Mgmt.
    School Expenses
    School Expenses Payment Rule Setup
    School Expenses Apply/Approve
    School Expenses Payment History Mgmt.
    Club Registration Apply/Approve
    Club Mgmt.
    Support Fee Apply/Approve
    Activity Details Search
    Reflect to Club Fee to Payroll
    Resort Master Mgmt.
    Resort Usage Rules Setup
    Resort Reservation Apply/Approve
    Resort Usage History Mgmt.
    Search the Results for Peak Season Users
    Selective Benefits
    Point Creation Rules Setup
    Point Usage Rule Setup for each Item
    Generated Point Calculation
    Point Usage Apply/Approve
    Generated Point History Mgmt.
  • Evaluation Management

    In consideration of evaluation features with many changes, it supports easy management of evaluation types and processes, and even items that need to be changed can be reflected without system modification development by utilizing the environment setting function.

    Evaluation Rules
    Setup Rules by Evaluation Type
    Evaluation Rules Copy
    Competency Profile
    KPI Registration (Included KPI mapping by Org.)
    Evaluation Preparation
    Setup the Progress for the person in charge by Evaluation Type
    Evaluee Mgmt.
    Evaluator Mgmt.
    Goal History Mgmt.
    Evaluation Status Mgmt.
    Achievement Evaluation
    Evaluee (Goal Setup, Continuous Performance Evaluation, Mid-term Check, self-evaluation, Feedback, Objection)
    Evaluator (Goal Agreement, Mid-term Check, Evaluation, Evaluation Result Adjustment, Feedback, Continuous performance monitoring
    Competency Evaluation
    Evaluee (Evaluation Capability Confirmation, Self-evaluation)
    Evaluator (Evaluation, Adjustment)
    360 Degree Evaluation
    Evaluee, Evaluator Mgmt.
    Execute 360 Degree Evaluation 360 Degree Evaluation Results Search (by items, by direction, by individual)
    360 Degree Evaluation Opinion Search
    Probationary Evaluation
    Evaluee, Evaluator Mgmt.
    Execute Probationary Evaluation
    Probationary Evaluation Results Search
    Evaluation Results/Status
    Overall Evaluation Status
    Evaluation Selectable Statistics
    Evaluator Tendency
    Evaluation Grade Rating Distribution
    Evaluation Results Analysis
    Evaluation Results Search by Condition
    Organizational Performance
    Org. Performance Category Mgmt.
    Org. Performance Goal/Output (by KPI/BSC perspective)
    Performance Analysis by KPI/Org.
    Compensation Results
    Pay Band Setup
    Org. Evaluation/Individual Evaluation Results
    Basic Pay Increase Simulation (Scenario Definition, Annual Pay/Pay Step Simulation)
    performance-based simulation (Scenario Definition, Profit sharing, Organizational performance pay, Individual performance pay)
    Reflect to Payroll (Basic Pay Increase, performance-based simulation Results)
  • Education & Training Management

    It manages the education system related to competency and provides a structural frame that can be operated in organic connection with various personnel systems such as competency evaluation and career development.

    Education Rules
    Main curriculum Mgmt.
    Implementation Curriculum Mgmt. (curriculum Batch Upload, Recipient Batch Upload, Course Applicant Batch Upload)
    Curriculum Copy
    Instructor Mgmt.
    Instructor Fee Payment Rules Setup
    Education Supervisor Department Mgmt.
    Education Demand Survey, Training Plan
    Education Demand Survey
    Demand Survey Status by Month, Job Grade
    Yearly Education Plan Registration/Search

    Education Conduct
    Internal Education Apply/Approve
    External Education Apply/Approve
    E&T Results Report Apply/Approve
    E&T Results History Mgmt.
    Refund from Employment Insurance Mgmt.
    Language Qualification Management
    Language Qualification Rules Setup(Language certification conversion grade)
    Language Qualification Apply/Approve.
    Language Qualification Results History Mgmt.
    Language Qualification Verification Mgmt.

    Education & Training Survey
    Education & Training Survey Rules Setup (Survey Scale, Survey Questionnaire, Respondent Setup)
    Education & Training Survey
    Education & Training Survey Results Search
    Education & Training Statistics/Status
    E&T History Search
    Statistics by Org./Courses
    Statistics by Courses/Job Grade (The number of people for E&T, E&T Expenses)
  • Career Development

    Provides core functions of the career development process, such as diagnosing the competency level of employees, confirming insufficient competencies, and establishing development plans.
    In addition, we support various career development systems and tools to effectively cultivate and manage corporate talent, such as in-house competition, management of core talents, management of successors, profile match-ups, and mentoring.

    Career Development Plan
    Career Development Planning
    Career Interview Contents Search
    Career Development Calendar
    Mentoring Session, Target for Mentoring Mgmt.
    Mentoring Planning/Confirmation
    Mentoring Activity Mgmt.
    Mentoring Evaluation
    Mentoring Expenses Status
    Job Posting
    Job Posting Registration
    Job Posting Apply
    Job Posting Selection
    Core Talent
    Core Talent Group Definition
    Core Talent Group Pool Mgmt.
    Core Talent Candidate Designation/Record
    Core Talent Assignment Registration
    Core Talent Support Mgmt.
    Successor Mgmt. by Individual
    Successor Mgmt. by Organization
    Successor Mgmt. by Position
    Other Succession Status
    Profile Match-up
    Job Suitability Rule Category Definition
    Career Path Rules and Job Suitability Analysis
    Job Suitability Analysis based on Job Structure
    Job Suitability Analysis based on Job Profile
    Individual Profile Mgmt.
  • Recruiting Management

    Recruitment management, consisting of three systems of 『Recruitment Selection Management』, 『Admission Application Portal』, and 『Online Job Screening』, effectively supports the entire recruitment process from job application to e-HR system data linkage of the final successful applicants.

    Recruitment Preparation
    Recruitment Notice Rules Registration (Period, Application Classification, Section, Region, Application Stage, Resume, Notice Details setting)
    Score Rules Setup by Screening Step
    Privacy Policy Mgmt.
    Employment Support Management
    Search for job portal applicants
    Manage Applicant Information (school, major, qualification, etc)
    Applicant History management
    Search for job applicants

    Applicant Management
    Recruitment Portal Applicant Search
    Applicant Information Mgmt.(School, Major, Qualification, etc.)
    Past Applicants History Mgmt.
    Job Applicants Search
    Document Screening
    Screening Criteria Setup
    Document Screening Check
    Interview Screening
    Interview Criteria Setup
    Interviewer Pool
    Interview Group Formation
    Applicant interview Group Mgmt.
    Interview Documents Print
    Interview Results Mgmt.
    Successful Applicant Mgmt.
    Successful Applicant Mgmt. by Types (Linked with Recruitment Portal)
    Application Info. Download
    Screening Results Upload
    Application Forms Print
    Final Successful Applicant Mgmt.(Transfer applicants data to e-HR System)

    Recruitment Statistics
    Recruitment Selectable Statistics
    Applicants Status(by Section, School, Major etc.)
    Foreign Language Ability, Language Level, Overseas Training Experience Status and so on.
    Recruitment Portal (for Applicants)
    Recruitment Notice Search
    Application Registration
    Applicants Pool Registration
    Screening Results Confirmation
    Recruitment inquiry
    Online Screening (for Documents, Interviewers)
    Interview Status
    Screening by Applicant
    Screening by Evaluation Item
    Interview Results
  • Mobile

    The mobile service provides various functions to increase user accessibility, such as employee inquiry, application/payment, attendance/commuting records and work history inquiry based on responsive web-based technology, and supports the app push function, a mobile notification service.

    Payslip Inquiry
    HR Information Inquiry/Change
    Timeline Inquiry
    Image Organization Chart
    Notification Inquiry
    Find Employees
    Work Confirmation
    Various applications (Apply/
    Approve, Certifications Apply, C&C Expense Apply, T&A Apply, Holiday Overtime, Pre-service Work Apply, Holiday Overtime Apply and so on)
    Check Commute Record
  • System

    It provides functions for efficient business performance such as easy and powerful user authority management that reflects the characteristics of personnel affairs, log management for specific screens, various application options setting, code management, condition search, and personal information processing settings.

    Code Management
    Code Index, Common Code(included Multilingual title)
    Entirety Common Code(For managing group affiliate companies)
    Employee Group Code Mgmt.
    Corporate Info. Workplace Info. Tax Office Info.
    Work Area Management(included Time zone Mgmt.)
    Multilingual Property Mgmt.
    Corporate Data Copy (used for corporate expansion)
    Object Management
    Object Management (Org. Job, E&T Curriculum, Competency Structure, KPI. Position, etc.)
    Object Tree Type Setup
    Object Relationship Mgmt.
    Authority Management
    User Mgmt.
    Profile Mgmt.
    Process Mgmt.
    Module/Menu/Mobile Menu Mgmt.
    Menu/Authority Management by profile
    Bookmark, User IP Mgmt.
    Authority Takeover
    Conditional Search
    System Conditional Search
    User Conditional Mgmt.
    Conditional View Mgmt.
    System Management
    System Environmental Variables Mgmt.
    Batch Work, Batch Log Mgmt.
    Help Display Mgmt.
    Send Mail/SMS
    Web Service Mgmt.
    Privacy Protection
    Encryption/decryption column management
    Personal Information Separation, Log Mgmt., Table Mgmt.
    Personal Information Access Log Mgmt.
    Separate Storage of Personal Information
    Notice Registration
    Q&A, FAQ Registration
    Notification Mgmt.
    Push Alert Management
    Application type setup (Mailing/Process Steps, Attachments required, Screen printing status, Designation of approval line, Notice Setup)
    Application Details
    Approval Details
    Confirmation Details
    Substitute Approver Mgmt.
    System Log Analysis
    Program Usage Analysis
    Parent Program Search
    Button Log Search/dd>
    Password Change Log
    Authorization Log Search
    System login analysis
    Program usage analysis
    Button log search
    Password change log
    Authorization log search