HCG is a professional group who passionately grows
and collaborates with colleagues for excellence in each field.

Peoples Values

Passion for Excellence
HCG is a place where people work hard with passion
to be the best in their respective fields.
The person who is passionate about everything with
the desire of becoming the best HR expert on the personal side and has the entrepreneurial spirit for building a better company on the organizational side is
with whom HCG wants to work.
Continuous Improvement
HR expert group should provide innovative thinking
and expertise to clients with a wide range of issues.
To this end, we should strive to derive new ideas
and methodologies while considering various
perspectives and offering valuable consulting services
continuously by embodying them. HCG is always looking for someone who is pursuing change, constantly striving to be the best, and challenging new things.
Collaboration & Teamwork
HCG believes that the foundation of teamwork
is the trust that allows team members to encourage
each other's passion and creativity by talking
openly, sharing information, and working together.
Trust begins with talking candidly about your thoughts,
listening to others sincerely, and accepting them
appropriately. This attitude is especially important
for HR experts who always have to work with clients.

Professional Roles

HCG pursues a wide range of technologies and services, encompassing consulting to systems, outsourcing to digital analytics, working with influential internal and external organizations, and providing insights to help clients compete in a fast environment and build a future.

  • HR Consultant

    Establishes strategies and systems for the efficient operation of human resources necessary for achieving organizational goals and business success and provides consulting on entire HR areas, including job analysis and organizational culture.

    Works on projects across topics and industries, analyzing problems, and discovering insights to create value for clients and generate specific action plans, while delivering high-quality advisory services based on expertise and experience.

  • Data Analyst

    Responsible for the overall analysis and utilization of HR data, including collecting and managing data for the business, improving products, and optimizing services.

    Analyzes how a powerful analytics-based solution can help your business, delivers decision-making materials, and provides insights to solve problems.

  • IT Solution Consultant

    Develops and implements the optimal e-HR solution that clients want by working on a project for HCG's hunel and JaDE clients. Applies package methodologies and accumulated experience and technical know-how to deeply understand business conditions and apply advanced analytics and conceptual technologies.

    Our IT solutions consultants work with clients and related departments to drive product development and implement state-of-the-art strategic solutions.

  • Project Manager

    Plans the project and oversees the implementation of the project in order to successfully achieve the ongoing project goals.

    With working knowledge, leadership, and communication skills, HCG PM provides the best way to complete a client's project successfully and generate best outputs.

  • Software Architect

    Designs, plans, and implements the structure of software. Builds up development frameworks and common modules, develops interfaces, supports developers, and solves software problems.

    Possesses excellent programming skills, knowledge, and risk management skills obtained from extensive field experience, to help clients find solutions timely.

  • Software Engineer

    In the aspect of computer programming, software engineers design, implement, and test the functionality of the software for each task.

    Then, they distribute it to users and use versioning to improve product performance and service.

  • IT Research & Developer

    Studies and collects the latest technologies and technical information and reflects the analyzed technologies in products and services.

    Standardizes and develops advanced skills to create and reflect plans that conform to the company's policies and upgrade products. Writes and shares the technologies for fellow engineers to easily understand them.

  • Quality Assurance

    To achieve the quality goals of the provided products and services, quality policies and management plans are established from the perspective of the company and projects. Moreover, quality education and management activities are improved, while quality assessment and inspection, corrective activities, and operation are carried out.

    It aims to improve the quality of SW by assuring that each process of the project is properly followed and it is coded according to the package-based development standards.

  • Cloud Solution Engineer

    Assists you to develop, deploy, and manage the programs and software needed for cloud applications.

    Has expertise in networking, programming, and security technologies, including a variety of operating systems, to make it easier for clients to use our cloud services.

  • DevOps Engineer

    Manages IT infrastructure, procures resources, and oversees software testing.

    Uses it to develop coatings and scripts and processes development to reduce code distribution failures. After deployment, monitors performance and simplifies code updates to maximize the efficiency of the enterprise's processes.

  • Infrastructure Engineer

    Is responsible for building, operating, and managing the foundation of the system, such as the hardware, OS, middleware, and network needed to run the application.

    Identifies the status of diverse hardware and improvements in operation to enhance infrastructure reuse and system performance, ensures that improvements can be applied in an advanced form, and reflects the created improvements.

  • System Maintenance Technician

    Analyzes the status and problems of the software as preventative measures or to take appropriate actions for the problems that occurred.

    Maintains stable operations of the system by appropriately modifying SW work, correcting errors/glitches, and conducting routine maintenance.

  • Technical Support Engineer

    Based on an understanding of the information system for customer service or the deployment environment of the solution, performs and manages failure handling, system improvement, and regular inspections upon client’s requests.

    Communicates with clients, solves technical problems with inquiries, and requests regarding the company's products and services.

  • Publisher

    Refines designs and codes to match web standards and web accessibility while working on the web. Makes sure that all web browsers show the same screen and all browsers do not have any problem in typing and browsing.

    Also works with coding (symmetrical markup) principles so that no user experiences restricted web-browsing.

  • UX/UI designer

    Designs tangible and intangible service models to enhance user experience by reflecting the needs of the stakeholders involved in the service system based on user-centered design mindset and methods.

    Understands trends across UI/UX and graphical user interface (GUI) designs, draws design concepts to design visual elements and presents designs that meet client needs based on concepts.

  • Integrated Designer

    Designs, effectively implements, and presents services, products, and contents provided in various types of environments by optimizing them for the purpose of use.

    According to the requirements of each unit, it can be modified and supplemented according to the original intention and can be redesigned from an overall point of view. Moreover, work is performed according to usability, accessibility, and industry standards.

  • Payroll Specialist

    Ensures the smooth operation of the client's payroll, understands the laws and regulations associated with compensation and serves the client's representatives to comply.

    Provides materials to promote salary incentives and professional services such as facilitating benefits and compensation programs for employees.

  • Marketing Manager

    Is responsible for managing products, prices, distribution, promotions, clients, etc. by planning products and services according to the goals and values of the organization and establishing strategies to facilitate delivery to clients.

    Focuses on increasing sales and brand loyalty by holding events or campaigns to increase corporate awareness and satisfaction, and implements strategies that utilize digital space to promote products and services.

  • Technical Sales

    Based on overall knowledge of information technology for the successful business, Technical Sales creates client management and sales opportunities and conducts negotiations, contracts, sales, and follow-up management through solution proposals satisfying clients.

  • Administrator

    Is responsible for supporting and managing the requested or required tasks internally and externally, so that the members of the organization can perform their duties smoothly.

Work Environment

HCG strives to create an optimal working environment and a desirable organizational culture in which HR professionals can be absorbed in their work.

  • Working Conditions
    We support flexitime, comfortable and cozy office, and free use of annual leave.
    • Flexible working hours
    • Annual leave, Paid leave for family events and Maternity leave
    • Cafeteria
    • Workspace to help immersion
    We make a trustworthy organizational culture that facilitates praising and encouraging each other through mutual cooperation and active communication.
    • Company anniversary events and Cultural events
    • Workshops and Retreats
    • (Using Badges) Recognition and Feedback
    • Close collaboration between colleagues and units
  • Competency Development
    We provide various systematic training and education courses to improve and develop the skill, competency, and career of employees.
    • On the Job Training
    • Online Course
    • Job Competency Improvement Course
    • Mentoring
    • Leadership Reinforcement Course
    Reward & Gift
    We share joy and sorrow together and generously make HCGer more enjoyable.
    • Expenses for congratulations and condolence
    • Holiday & Childbirth Gift
    • Employee Excellence Award
    • Mobile Phone Bill Support
    • Long-term Employee Award
    • Night Transportation (ex. taxi) Fare Support
    • Birthday gift
    • Laptop Purchase Support
    • Welcome kit
  • General Welfare Benefits
    We support the 4 major insurances (national pensions, social insurance, employment insurance, and industrial accident) and retirement pension.
    Physical Examination
    We provide physical examination at a top medical center and group injury insurance to cope with various diseases.

Join HCG

We always do exciting things that make a difference and try to be the best in the field with our colleagues. You have unlimited opportunities to solve problems, explore insights, develop skills, and grow with people who dare challenge.

Recruitment Area and Period
HCG is always looking for talents in all areas.
Recruiting Process
  • ResumeScreening
  • 1st RoundInterview
  • 2nd RoundInterview
  • Final RoundInterview
  • Document/Resume screening
  • Depending on the position applied, interviews will be conducted in steps 1-2-3
  • Interviews may include Case Interviews, Brain Teaser, and Simulation Exception simultaneously to determine the applicant's various competencies, experiences, and HCG Fitness.
To Apply
  • e-mail : recruit@e-hcg.com
  • Please send your resume and cover letter by email.
  • If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.